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Dutch Passion are the first choice destination for many of the most demanding cannabis seed growers.  Not only are Dutch Passion one of the worlds oldest original seedbanks, they are the inventors of feminised seed technology and boast one of the most complete genebanks in the world.

Dutch Passion offer an unrivalled range of cannabis seeds as you might expect from a company that has been operating since the 1980′s. ¬†The Dutch Passion team have original seed lines from all of the worlds best strains. Unlike many of the modern seedbanks that have been operating for just a few years, Dutch Passion were around early enough to ensure that they had the genuine versions of iconic strains such as White Widow, Power Plant, Skunk etc. ¬†Many of the modern seedbanks claim to have seeds from these strains but in many cases they are hybrids and are merely distant imitations of the originals.

For many growers of cannabis seed the goal is to become self sufficient in the weed supply.  Such growers may only need to buy a couple of seed packs per year, so why compromise and get substandard seeds when you can get the original and best seeds from Dutch Passion.

As well as having a number of classic strains from the 1970′s and 80′s Dutch Passion have carefully hybridised certain strains and created some truly breathtaking new strains which have had their names registered to prevent cheap, substandard, copies. ¬†Recent releases which have taken the stoner world by storm include the high yielding and potent ‘The Ultimate’, Duch Haze, Dutch Cheese and many others.

Dutch Passion are also leaders in the supply or AutoFem seeds.  These are seeds that grow into fully mature female plants, ready to harvest in just 60-70 days, they are taking the cannabis world by storm and are proving equally popular with recreational and medical users alike.

Whatever your requirements, make Dutch Passion your first choice in cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion

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